Are your tires looking a little worn? Have you been feeling you might need to update or upgrade your existing vehicle tires because the tread looks worn, or the car is not handling as well as it used to? Another common issue to tell if you need new tires is if the side is cracked, rot. Or has your auto dealer recommended new tires as part of their maintenance plan?

Tire replacement can be handled by your local car dealer, your favorite privately owned local Phoenix auto shop, or a large automotive retailer. There’s nothing wrong with doing a little research to find the most competitive pricing for your next set of performance, off-road, winter, or all-season tires. There are over ninety brand names of tires and vehicle accessories to choose from, and each type of shop charges differently according to their partnerships, and overhead.  At All Brands Auto in Mesa, AZ, our prices will almost always be lower than other shops.  We are not interested in gauging our customers’ money – its why our customers come back year after year (look at our reviews, and you might believe this blog!).  Our costs are low, so we, in turn, will charge you less for your tires!

When researching tires before you call, find and write down the code on your existing tires. The letter and number code may not seem important, but your service center can decrypt it for you. Once they know what you need, you should discuss tire replacement options (brands and types) since every situation and care is unique.

What to Consider When Choosing Tires

Choosing the right tire should depend on what’s right for your driving habits as well as your location. Especially in climates with harsh winters, snowy mountains such as Flagstaff or the White Mountains in Arizona, changing over to winter tires will make driving safer and more efficient.  But if you live here in the Phoenix area mostly year-round, this is a different story.

Need New Tires Mesa Arizona

Ask yourself these questions so you can best communicate to your tire shop

  • Will you be driving in an area that is mostly dry year-round? Will you primarily be driving on pavement that may be prone to occasional rain or snow?
  • Do the roads in your location ice up early and stay iced all winter long? Do you live in an area where road maintenance crews are able to clear snow and melt ice quickly?
  • Do you plan to venture onto more rugged terrain like dirt, rock, mud, or gravel? If so, you may want a more resilient tire product suitable for off-road activity.

So, based on these questions, we suggest that you discuss options with quality auto techs (like we have at our shop) who will guide you to the best replacement tires for your expected driving conditions.

Winter Tires in Arizona

Unless you have all-season tires (most cars here in Arizona have all-season tires), you’ll want to replace your summer tires with winter tires in the fall. If you live in a climate where harsh winter conditions are a concern, you’ll need to choose winter weather tires with good friction. There’s nothing worse than spinning your tires on icy roads, or sliding into a snowbank and getting stuck as you drive back home from your wonderful stay here in Arizona!

Winter tires are more robust than summer tires resulting in better grip and traction. Why are winter tires stronger? They are designed to stay pliable at lower temperatures and then conform to the micro irregularities created by ice or snow when it arrives. But they should be changed over again when warm weather returns.

To prolong the tread life of your tires, you should change winter tires over to summer tires once the temperatures remain consistently above 7C in your area.  

All-Season Tires

All-season tires come in sizes to fit a wide range of popular cars, minivans, and crossover utility vehicles. The advanced tire technology of today’s all-season tires delivers solid traction, making them suitable for all types of weather. The wide footprint technology of all-season tires contributes to a quiet and comfortable ride.

Even so, all-season tires can be chosen based on the terrain you need them for. Choose your new tires based on whether you’ll spend most of your time on paved roads, or if you’d like a tire with slightly more traction to powerfully grip the ground in the mud, rain, snow, or dry weather.

Truck Tires

The off-road-ready tread of truck tires provides tough handling, making it okay to get down and dirty. With the right truck tire, you’ll enjoy smooth handling and maximum grip response no matter if traveling through mud, water, or snow.

Look for a truck tire with self-cleaning channels and deep lateral grooves that will clear away mud and snow for optimized all-terrain traction.

Performance Tires

Need something sportier? You might choose a high-performance sports car tire for your vehicle. Rain or shine, performance sport tires command traction. The top-rated even wear tread of performance tires delivers precision steering and consistent handling with ample control on every turn. Our shop makes sure to carry a lot of these on hand since many Phoenix drivers love their sporty cars and fast driving!

Tire Check Assessment in Mesa

Vehicle tires often need to be replaced every three to five years, depending on the amount of driving to do and the amount of wear they endure. If in doubt about timing your tire replacement, have your auto shop inspect your tires for signs of aging, dry rot or uneven wear.

If your auto shop recommends new tires during a checkup, don’t put it off. Your tires have the greatest effect on the way your vehicle handles, brakes, and manages on ice, snow, rain, gravel, or mud. Your safety and driving confidence depends on having top-notch tires on your vehicle.

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