How to tell if your car or truck needs a brake job

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What is arguably even more important than your car or truck running well? Getting it to stop correctly during rush hour, on our freeways or at one of our crazy Phoenix stoplights! If your brakes don’t work properly, you are putting yourself, your passengers and everyone you encounter on the road in big danger.  –

And with summer road-tips right on the horizon to get away from the Phoenix heat, it’s even MORE important right now to make sure your brakes is up-to-snuff!

Over time, car and truck brakes always gradually deteriorate and require service to repair them for efficient performance. 

What are the symptoms that you need your car brakes looked at ASAP?

The brakes will feel mushy and unresponsive, or harder than usual to push. You may even hear annoying squeals or grinding noises when you use your brakes.

Don’t ignore any of these indicators, please make an appointment promptly for a brake inspection.  (Please note: When you call a shop, make sure the mechanic does a free courtesy brake check before doing any repairs or replacements!  A dishonest or expensive shop, will not do free courtesy checks)

safety inspections services Mesa

What Are the Most Common Brake Problems We See?

  • Brake fluid inspection – ALERT!!! We WON’T top the brake fluid inspection because low brake fluid is one of the indicators that you need new brakes. If a repair facility just refills your brake fluid, it may lead to an inaccurate diagnosis of your brake’s condition, which could be dangerous!
  • The Brake Fluid needs flushing (by the way, the normal cost is r$110 but on sale right now so call for details!)
  • Brake hose needing replacement
  • Brake pad(s) needing  replacement
  • Brake disc resurfacing or replacement
  • Loose brake caliper mounting bolts and,
  • Faulty rotor surfaces, which is a common cause of brake pulsing, a complaint we hear frequently.

When do you need to get a Brake Inspections or Repair Work?

We highly recommend that you get your brakes checked REGULARLY.   How often depends on how much you drive your vehicle as well as how hard you drive it.  Here are our recommendations for the normal mileage driver who puts on 12-18k miles per year:

  • Brake fluid replacement- replaced AT 30k Miles or 2 years
  • Brake system inspection: at 15k miles or every year

Why Choose All Brands Auto Repair Shop in Mesa, AZ for Your Brake Service Work?

  1. Not only can count on us to inspect your brakes for FREE, but also we are KNOWN for only recommending the services that you need!

—We won’t soak you for new brake pads or discs if all you need is a brake hose replacement!

We pride ourselves on our reputation for honesty, loyalty, fairness, affordability, education —and want you to become a happy customer who returns to us for all your car repairs. (FYI: that most of our customers stay with us throughout their lifetime!!)

  1. We do complete high quality brake work for All Makes of cars and most trucks!  It’s right there in our name – we work on All Brands! Our experienced brake specialists can fix your car, truck or RV, with top quality replacement parts.
  2. We offer an unbeatable service guarantee! Our affordable repairs are backed by the TECH-NET Professional Nationwide Warranty program, which covers most parts and labor for 12 months or 12,000 miles / 20,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.
  3. Cheap Affordable yet top-of-the-line Quality without paying the dealer’s prices! Yes, we use the same parts, and have the same expensive tools found at dealer shops. The difference is we are able to charge less because our costs are less, and we want to treat customers more fairly!  
  4. We run specials!!! Check our home page for specials on brake services and gets the pros at All Brands Auto put a stop to your brake troubles today.

Call us at (480) 962-6117 to speak with our long-term service techs for you in person appointment! Our wonderful guys: Jerry, Ralph or Steve, are standing by to book your brake or regular service appointment.

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