Why is a quality oil change so important for your car or truck?

Most (if not all) vehicle owners know that they should get regular oil changes on their car or truck, but do you really know why a good oil change is so important?

Quality Oil Change

Engine oil has chemical and physical properties that help it to lubricate and protect the internal parts of car’s motor. It literally helps keep everything running smoothly. It works to keep the engine cool and creates a seal between some of the internal parts like pistons and cylinder walls.

Think of how hot your car gets when it’s been running for a while. If you ever have had your car overheat, you understand the heat generated by a running car is off the charts. Now, imagine your engine oil being subjected to that heat day in and day out! Oil is not indestructible. Eventually, the engine oil breaks down and will no longer be able to protect and lubricate your engine like it first did.

Going for excessively long periods without changing your oil can result in a loss of volume. So, if your car is supposed to have 5 quarts of oil in it and it loses 2 quarts and they are not replaced, you will severely damage your car’s motor due to increased friction or heat. Catastrophic failure is imminent.

Old engine oil is also bad for your car or truck since oil helps cool the engine. Heat is the enemy of a car engine!  The excessive heat caused by less oil will cause wear on engine parts and can result in the motor seizing. This means the motor has gotten too hot and the crankshaft can no longer turn inside the engine. Some of the other parts may have actually melded together creating a scenario where the engine no longer can function.

Other Reasons to Change Your Engine’s Oil Regularly

Contaminants and dirt can get inside the motor. Changing the oil removes contaminants along with the old, worn out oil. Dirt can clog the flow of oil in the motor and can cause excessive friction between the moving parts.

Regular oil changes improve gas mileage in your vehicle. Old engine oil causes more friction in the motor which consumes more fuel.

Trusted Service and Dependability

Now you know why you should get your oil changed regularly. Let’s talk about why those regular oil changes should be done at All Brands Auto in Mesa.

All oil changes are not the same. Yes, you can go to one of those quick “lube and go” places, but you get what you pay for when doing so.

Typically, these quick oil changes facilities use sub-par brands of oil and often do not replace your engine oil with the correct weight oil recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. You can void the warranty in newer cars if you do not replace engine oil with the weight specified by the manufacturer. There’s only one smart choice for oil changes in Mesa and All Brands Auto Repair is it.

All vehicles that come into our shop for oil change services receive the correct weight oil for their vehicle. In addition, we use synthetic oil.

What’s the big deal with synthetic oil?

Synthetic oil is more durable than regular motor oil. For one, it lasts much longer than conventional oil. It is better suited to keeping the engine cool. It also performs better in vehicles where the driver does a lot of stop-and-go traveling with short trips. Synthetic is not as sluggish in winter weather so it warms up faster than conventional and starts lubricating the motor sooner than the conventional would be able to in colder weather. Overall, synthetic oil changes save you money.

Our Oil changes are suggested to occur at  5k-7.5k intervals or 6 months, whichever happens first.

More Reasons to Use All Brands Auto in Mesa for your car or trucks Oil Change

Our oil changes go beyond fluid and filter changes. Our technicians will check the other fluids in your car and address any low levels. Your tire pressure is checked and your tires are inspected for any potential issues like dry rot and tire wear. We also perform safety inspections to identify any item of concern before it becomes a problem. All findings are reported back to the customer with recommendations.

We can scan your vehicles for any check engine codes and address any dashboard warning lights that may be on such as ABS or traction control lights.

Don’t let our “off the beaten path” location scare you! We guarantee you will not find a more reliable or trustworthy auto repair shop for in the Mesa area. Call us today to schedule an appointment and let us show you why we are the best for oil changes and all types of car and truck repairs!