Emissions Repair Guarantee to Pass? – YOU BETCHA!!


Failing an emissions test is very frustrating.  We understand what an Arizonan car or truck owner deals with… 

Which is why we offer a GUARANTEE that your older car will pass your next emissions test if you hire us to do the repairs!

Our specialty  at All Brands Auto is OLDER cars!  We know them inside and out, and love to bring all old types of cars back to health!  Look at our reviews all over the internet for proof. Once you try us out, you will continue bringing your car here for service forever!


  1. Call  for  appointment, or just bring your car in
  2. Get free estimate from our guys to diagnose why it failed its emissions (our shop may be in a tough location, but our prices are definitely EASY on our customers)
  3. Wait or schedule appointment to all repairs done quickly and efficiently
  4. Go back DMV for emissions test – and PASS with flying colors THAT Day!!!

By the way, bad news  according to the Maricopa Waiver Station: “…Waivers cannot be issued to vehicles emitting more than 2 times the applicable emission standard, or that have a faulty catalytic converter; or if the emissions control equipment has been removed or altered.


Another Happy Customer and Old Car at All Brands Auto Shop!

…Yes, we love old cars, and make them run brand new again!    


Old Car Repair Review for All Brands Auto Shop

3 Tips to Save you Money when getting car repairs


Car Repair Shop Tips you can do to save!

Repair Tips to Save you Money at Car Repair Shops

Having a car that abruptly refuses to start one day while you are running off to work, or after a visit to a grocery store after a hot Arizona day -is nothing short of a big pain!  Yet, there is nothing you can do except to call roadside assistance for a tow to the nearest auto repair and diagnostics center.  And since a “broken car” is never expected or budgeted for,  ever car owner needs QUICK work that is as inexpensive as possible.

However, many of us are driving older cars so we have to adjust our hopes accordingly.  Based on our experience, here are 3 tips to read to ensure you do not go into debt or have a huge headache when the next car problem occurs!

Get Maintenance Done Somewhat Regularly

We highly suggest that you take your car into us  for routine maintenance every 6 months so as to avoid an unexpected breakdown, and to maintain your car warranty. But we also understand our customers’ issues with being too busy, or having budget issues.  Our recommendation then is  least make sure you get your oil changes done regularly with us! One of the major benefits of going to a general car repair shop for oil  (like our shop!) for oil changes is that the mechanics at shops like ours know much more than the average lube shop. When an experienced, highly knowledgeable, certified mechanic does your oil change, he is  often checking the entire car to see if anything looks or sounds funny.   This means that many problems will be avoided in ADVANCE- which we love doing for our customers!!

De-clutter your Ride

Your car may often be messy and be filled with items that you should get rid before dropping off your car. You do not want to waste labor expenses because the mechanics have to empty your car or back of the truck. Also,  please note that one common item we often see forgotten about that should be removed …. is your garage opener!

Demand an Estimate IN ADVANCE

We know that car repairs can be costly, and since often unexpected, are not a positive thing. That being said, a good quality repair shop (like ours again!) will always give our customers a a realistic view of the labor charges and the cost of replacement for the parts before we do the work. Be it an engine repair, fixing the car’s air conditioning, or a steering problem; requiring the  estimated charges beforehand is always a good idea.

One of the common compliments we hear about our  All Brands Auto team is –   not only do we always provide quality estimates and repairs;  but also, our guys are specialists at coming in UNDER estimate!!   Yes, we really – often save our customers money!  If your current shop is not doing this and costing you alot of money or frustration, please require them to offer you an estimate for the parts and labor..  Or another idea is…simplify  your life, make your car happier – and stop going there,– instead, come in to see our smiling team, right here in Mesa, for your next oil change or car problem!  You will notice the All Brands Auto Repair difference!