Buying a Previously Flooded or Salvaged Car from the Experts

Experts’ Advice On Flooded Cars

In the aftermath of many extreme weather events such as hurricanes or heavy rains and forest fires, in Arizona, we inevitably find a number of “flood cars” or salvaged vehicles entering our pre-owned vehicle market.

Though some states have laws and regulations that mandate these cars be given a flood designation on their titles, many other states do not have any such rules.

This gap in regulation often leads to unscrupulous sellers relocating flood cars from states where the flood designation is required to states where they can sell the vehicle without disclosing its issues with flooding.

Used Cars Should be examined to Determine if Salvaged

Experts say to use caution when buying a vehicle that may have been stuck in flooded waters. Cars that have been flooded in the past are likely to have ongoing mechanical and electrical issues that can potentially cost many buyers thousands of dollars to repair, not to leave out distress and anger.

Buying Flooded or Salvaged Cars Mesa - get checked out by car repair shop in advance!

As such, if you live in a state that doesn’t require a flood disclosure or you live in Arizona which gets a lot of illegal sellers, it is a good idea to know what steps to take to avoid purchasing a formerly flooded vehicle.

“The widespread floods caused by Hurricane HarveyI n Texas and Hurricane Irma in Florida could soon be affecting car buyers in Arizona. 

The Arizona Department of Transportation is cautioning those in the market for a used car to keep in mind that many vehicles damaged by flooding in those states can easily end up in Arizona and be put up for sale. 

 ADOT advised that anyone buying a used car through a private sale should especially keep a close eye out for water damage. Buyers should note that if a car does have previous water damage the title would say “salvage” or “flood damage,” according to an ADOT press release.

And even if these rules exist for salvaged vehicles (like they do in Arizona), many of us still get conned when buying used cars.  As the ADOT press release goes on to say, “Scammers can easily remove flood history from the title of the vehicle.”

4 Steps to take before Buying a Salvaged used Vehicle in Arizona

1) Vehicle History Report

Thoroughly inspect the vehicle history report before you ever even look at the car in person. If you notice anything strange at all on it, you may want to consider this to be a red flag. In particular, you want to pay attention to things like the odometer readings, title issues, and any salvage history the vehicle may have. Put simply, the more you know about the vehicle, the better.

2) Visually Inspect the Vehicle

One of the best ways to diagnose flooding in a vehicle is to simply look at it. Check for water staining or mold growth in places where most people may not think to clean. This could mean checking out the underside of the dashboard, the spare wheel well, or underneath the floor mats. Of course, any sign of water damage could be due to previous flooding.

3) Smell the Vehicle

Though it may seem a little silly at first, giving the car a quick sniff test can be a great way to uncover potential water or flood damage issues. If the car just smells like old gym socks or the previous owner’s pet dog, everything is probably normal. However, if the vehicle smells moldy, you may want to reconsider purchasing it. Similarly, if the vehicle smells like a doctor’s office, it may be a clue that the seller is trying to cover something up.

4) Ask a Mechanic experienced in used-salvaged vehicles to Inspect It

Though you can do a relatively thorough inspection of the vehicle yourself, there is often something hidden and more to know. It is recommended by ADOT that hire a professional mechanic who has experience in working on and repairing salvaged vehicles to do a complete under the hood diagnostics. They will be able to give you a full report on the status of the vehicle and whether they believe it has even been subject to any flood damage.

As example, at All Brands Auto in Mesa, the mechanics have discovered many vehicles which were incorrectly labeled. And several of the vehicles were able to be fixed easily so cost the customers less in the long-run because they found out in advance the costs to repair the care before giving the seller the asking amount.

Since buying a new vehicle is one of the biggest financial moves that most people will ever make, it is always a good idea to be 100 percent confident in your decision. Or you believe that there is any chance your prospective new vehicle has been subject to flooding in the past, it is probably a good idea to simply walk away and keep searching.


Help! My Car is not blowing cold Air anymore, what needs to be done to fix it?

car and truck AC repair

Tips to Diagnose Car A/C Issues

Experiencing air conditioning issues in your vehicle during the hot Phoenix summer months is highly frustrating. If your vehicle’s air conditioning goes out during the worst possible time (like now!), a top Mesa rated car repair shop can fix your AC issues as soon as possible by performing a free AC check or a complete AC diagnostics test. These tests can identify the multiple of potential problems that is causing your AC to not blow cool air which will help you (and us) determine the best solution to fix your hot air issue.

But we wanted to explain here 5 of the most common reasons why we find that car and truck air conditioning units are not blowing cold air, and the best way to overcome this issue- and get the AC cold again!


car and truck AC repair

#1 Your Car has a Freon Leak

One of the most common causes of an air conditioner malfunctioning is a freon leak. Freon plays an essential role in keeping the air cool, and each vehicle must have a specific amount of it to run correctly. Our experienced professionals can check your car for a freon leak. However, a freon leak may be slow, and it may take a few weeks before you notice that your A/C isn’t blowing cool air again.

#2 There are A/C Fan Issues

Another common issue our auto mechanics see is that the fan stops working. Typically, you can feel the cool air, but you won’t feel it blowing. However, this repair can be as simple as changing a wire, or you may need your blower or condenser fixed. Fortunately, the technicians at All Brands Auto Repair have many years of experience and can help repair any A/C fan issues at an affordable price.

#3 A/C Needs Recharging

Sometimes, the vehicles air conditioning needs to be recharged if the air isn’t blowing enough cold air. Our mechanics (truck and car) can recharge the A/C by using a special machine that vacuums all of the old refrigerant and replaces it with the new refrigerant at the correct levels. This simple process can quickly get your A/C working correctly and allow it to blow cold air again without any issues.

#4 It’s not your AC, its an Electrical Issue

Any electrical issues can cause your vehicle’s air unit to stop working. Noticing any damaged or loose wires is a definite sign that you may be experiencing electrical problems. However, car and truck repair specialist should offer detailed inspection to determine the cause of the issue and the best way to repair your A/C.

#5 Blocked or Malfunctioning Condenser 

The primary function of the condenser in your vehicle is to re-cool hot refrigerant after it has been compressed. However, the condenser is unable to cool the coolant if it is blocked or isn’t working correctly. Road debris can easily block the condenser, which will cause the A/C unit to expel hot air and make it very uncomfortable inside the vehicle. Fortunately, it is easy to remove any debris that is blocking the condenser, but you will need to visit (not just call) a car repair shop in person to properly diagnose a faulty condenser.

Understanding why your car’s air conditioner is blowing hot air is a frustrating experience for anyone, but if you need ANY help -our licensed (and down to earth!) mechanics at All Brands Auto Repair in Mesa,AZ  can intelligently diagnose the problem and will have it fixed quickly. Our shop techs over 30 years of experience in the industry, and we are especially known for our specialty in auto AC repair. Our goal is to provide the best services possible at an affordable price. And that is why we can proudly say that many of our customers drive from across the valley to visit us in Mesa

Learn More about Us

Need help with freon, condenser or electrical issue and wish to learn more about our auto A/C repair services, feel free to contact our friendly guys at 480-535-3886 or by email at any time and schedule a free courtesy check. Also, we will give you a 20% discount off of labor if you decide to have us fix your A/C!

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Quality Auto Repairs Mesa

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Quality Auto Repairs Mesa

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